The 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics and Intelligent Robotics (ICMIR2019) will be held in Kunming, China, during May 25-26, 2019.

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Invited Speakers

Prof.Dr.John Wang

Dept. of Information Management & Business Analytics

School of Business Montclair State University, USA

John Wang, Ph.D, works in the Department of Information Management and Business Analytics at Montclair State University, USA. Having received a scholarship award, he came to the USA and completed his PhD in operations research from Temple University. Due to his extraordinary contributions, Prof. Wang has been honored with two special range adjustments in 2006 and 2009 respectively. He has published over 100 refereed papers and more than ten books. He has also developed several computer software programs based on his research findings.

He is the Editor-in-Chief of Int. J. of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management and International Journal of Applied Management Science. Also, he is the Editor of Encyclopedia of Business Analytics and Optimization (five-volume), Data Warehousing and Mining: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications (six-volume) and the Editor of the Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining, 1st (two-volume) and 2nd (four-volume). His long-term research goal is on the synergy of operations research, data mining and cybernetics.

Prof.Dr.Nilanjan Dey

Department of Information Technology

Techno India College of Technology,Kolkata, INDIA

Dr. Nilanjan Dey, is an Assistant Professor in Department of Information Technology at Techno India College of Technology, Kolkata, India. He is a visiting fellow of the University of Reading, UK. He is a Visiting Professor at Duy Tan University, Vietnam, He was an honorary Visiting Scientist at Global Biomedical Technologies Inc., CA, USA (2012-2015). He was awarded his Ph.D. from Jadavpur University in 2015. He has authored/edited more than 55 books with Elsevier, Wiley, CRC Press, and Springer, and published more than 300 papers. He is the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Ambient Computing and Intelligence, IGI Global, Associate Editor of IEEE Access and International Journal of Information Technology, Springer. He is the Series Co-Editor of Springer Tracts in Nature-Inspired Computing, Springer Nature, Series Co-Editor of Advances in Ubiquitous Sensing Applications for Healthcare, Elsevier, Series Editor of Computational Intelligence in Engineering Problem Solving and Intelligent Signal processing and data analysis, CRC. His main research interests include Medical Imaging, Machine learning, Computer Aided Diagnosis, Data Mining etc. He is the Indian Ambassador of International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) – Young ICT Group. Recently, he has been awarded as one among the top 10 most published academics in the field of Computer Science in India (2015-17)

Joseph Tan, PhD.

Professor of eHealth Informatics & eBusiness Innovation Editor-in- Chief, IJHISI, McMaster University, Canada

Joseph Tan, PhD is Professor of eBusiness Innovation/eHealth Informatics, McMaster University. He has been named as among the “top 10 most influential informatics professors” on HealthTechTopia website, invited to publish in the scientific journal, Nature, and sits on multiple peer-review federal grant agencies and journal editorial boards. Dr. Tan has demonstrated high-performing skills and ability to serve in both academia and industry. To date, he has appeared as invited keynote for numerous local as well as major national and international conferences across North America, Asia, Africa, and elsewhere, and networks widely with key decision and policy makers apart from academic scholars and practitioners at local, provincial/state, national and international levels, including private, public and non governmental organizations and universities. He is also the founding Editorin-Chief, IJHISI and has served as distinguished faculty, invited speaker, panel moderator, research fellow and keynote for numerous local, national and international conferences across North America, Asia, Middle East and Africa. His overall career focus is on reshaping the landscape of IS/IT applications and promotion in e-Business innovation and e-Health informatics.